In GroenPact, industry, education and government are joining their forces to further strengthen the green knowledge and innovation system in the Netherlands. They work together to realize the shared ambition to remain an international leader in solving major global and regional issues in the areas of nutrition, sustainability and quality of life.

Pilots along 6 action lines

In green education it is all about inspiration and innovation. With concrete GroenPact pilots, people with the right green knowledge and skills are connected to each other. This is essential for the strength, innovation and development of the green sector. These are the 6 action lines:

  1. Innovation
  2. Labor market
  3. International
  4. Cross-overs
  5. Lifelong Learning
  6. Image

Participants GroenPact

Over 40 organizations from education, business and government form the solid foundation of GroenPact. On October 26, 2016, representatives of these organizations signed the Development Agenda for Green Education, which describes the concrete goals and actions that the signatories undertake to jointly provide sufficient well-educated people for the green sector. We stand for powerful and future-oriented green education, from vmbo to academic education.

Borderless Network

Borderless Network

This network is a Dutch (inter)national collaboration between partners from government, business and knowledge institutes in the agriculture sector. Although Borderless Network (BN) is primarily a Dutch network, all partners have strong international track records or sister companies abroad. We believe that international cooperation is one of the pillars of a strong knowledge-driven economy and an important factor for innovation, learning and development. We strive to tackle grand societal and economic challenges in regards to food security and food safety in the agribusiness to create knowledge, innovation, and competitiveness.
An important key aspect to success is the extent to which the various knowledge institutions, business, government and social organizations are able to successfully cooperate. The logic behind this collaboration is supported by aspects such as a greater impact in an international and highly competitive world, mutual learning, bundling of specific expertise and operating in relatively complex environments that are difficult for individual organizations. The starting point is based on shared (international) agendas of government, business and knowledge institutions.

Our network can include members such as partners from government and business, as well as knowledge institutes that want to collaborate and learn from each other. This website is a Dutch initiative to stimulate the collaboration between knowledge institutes, government, and business in the (inter)national agribusiness. It is a mediated platform for partners, where they can join successful collaborations and become a part of (inter)national projects.

Our goal is to ensure that the Netherlands will continue to lead in the Agrifood sector. The Agrifood sector has become a global sector that operates in increasingly complex, international networks. There are major issues regarding the availability of safe and healthy food for more and more people. The emphasis shifts from traditional production to new forms of high-quality production, nature-inclusive agriculture, international chain integration, company internationalization, global tracking, tracing, logistics, and knowledge-based systems. The contribution to social issues relating to food, climate control, water, energy and circular economics also requires an international approach and orientation.

Within Borderless Network, we strive to maximize opportunities for content- and internationally oriented innovation and the development of strategic (international) partnerships between the education, government, and business trifecta, in the interest of remaining a lead in our field.

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