This dossier aims to help inspectors of Competent Authorities with issues related to assessment of fitness for transport and criteria and circumstances leading to a decision of ‘unfit for transport’.

The dossier is based on EURCAW-Pigs “Review of fitness for transport of pigs”. Two key focus areas during inspections of fitness for transport can be distinguished, based on their central roles  in the description of fitness for transport in Council Regulation (EC 1/2005). Animals that should not be considered fit for transport are those:

  • presenting signs of pathological processes, e.g., when wounded or in pain;
  • having physiological weaknesses, e.g., related to higher stress susceptibility, or certain age groups or certain stages of the production cycle.

Important publications

Each EURCAW-Pigs dossier addresses the following 5 items: ‘Legislation', ‘Welfare indicators’, ‘Knowledge’, 'Inspiring examples' and 'Training courses'.