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Drie nieuwe landenrapporten

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8 mei 2018

Potentie van de bio-economie in Portugal, Roemenië en Polen.

Het Biobased Industries Consortium heeft onlangs 3 nieuwe landenrapportages uitgebracht waarin de mogelijkheden van de bio-economie geanalyseerd worden. Lees verder de Engelstalige korte samenvatting of download het rapport.

Poland’s bioeconomy sector is focused on agriculture, forestry and food processing, areas which are already central to the country’s economy. Bio-based industrial activities feature prominently in its national Smart Specialisation Strategy.

In Portugal, bio-based potential is found in side streams and residual streams from its large agri-food, forestry and fisheries industries. The country’s manufacturing of cork products and leather goods also promises further bio-based opportunities.

Romania boasts one of the largest European agricultural sectors, which offers ample potential for valorisation of residual streams through bio-based operations. The country can also leverage its strong chemical sector to establish a nationwide bio-based industry by gradually increasing the use of biomass feedstock.

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