Ontwikkeling van een duurzamer productie-proces gebaseerd op fermentatie van biogas

This project aims to develop a novel fermentation process which will replace commercial triglycerides based on palm, soy, tallow and other edible sources economically with the benefit of reduced environmental impact (less energy intensive) and significantly reduced scope for social concerns.

A fermentation, organism and downstream process will be developed which will convert feedstocks such as biosyngas into useful fats and products which will drop in to established markets and applications.

With this project, we target to substantially reduce the energy consumption needed to produce the
material in scope. Furthermore, we target an increased availability of the material for AkzoNobel and
other users in varying applications. The project will further contribute to the Dutch economy by
performing state of the art research and development activities in Deventer, and potentially – in a later stage following the project – by a demo plant and commercial plant in the Netherlands, and by an increased profitability of Akzo Nobel N.V.

Increasing the availability of these materials from domestic sources will improve the competitiveness of the Dutch and European chemical industry versus other oleochemical producing regions. We expect that in time several commercial scale production plants will be built based on the developed technology as well as on spin offs of the technology.

The process development includes the following activities:

  • Development and enhancement of biocatalyst – a micro-organism – and bioprocess
  • Process design and engineering of bioprocess reactors
  • Downstream product recovery from the organisms
  • Commercialisation of the technology
  • The envisioned results of the project are the following:
  • Continuous biosyngas fermentation process including separation processes proven at lab
  • Complete process description and technology package
  • Process capable of being applied at demo or commercial scale
  • Assessment of production cost and environmental impact (LCA)