IAHAIO 2016 conference

Attendees will be provided with resources, shared insights and tools of the new vision of human-animal interactions (HAI) that they can use in a variety of HAI formats and contexts.

Organisator IAHAIO

ma 11 juli 2016 09:00 tot wo 13 juli 2016 19:00

Locatie Congress Center in the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Paris, France


  • Theme 1 - Innovations in HAI Practices across disciplines, cultures and societies around the globe: Emphasis on wellbeing for humans and animals; New roles in AAI and HAI for veterinarians, for medical professions, psychologists, physiotherapists, animal scientists, ethologists, biologists, social workers etc., new insights in AAI and HAI;
  • Theme 2 - Innovative research in different populations and settings for AAI;
  • Theme 3 - New insights in cognitions, emotions and behavior of animals in HAI and AAI;
  • Theme 4 - New theoretical perspectives on the human animal bond;
  • Theme 5 - Advancement in HAI Education e.g. accreditation, curricula, best practices trends and happenings in education, ethics;
  • Theme 6 - Global perspectives on relationship of animal abuse and interpersonal violence;
  • Theme 7 - Research methodology: AAI and quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods;
  • Theme 8 - Sustainablity in AAI.