UFAW International Animal Welfare Science Symposium

This meeting will consider issues surrounding the rationales and methodologies of humane control of animal populations (kept and free-living) in pursuit of preserving biodiversity and minimising welfare risks to animals.

Organisator UFAW

di 14 juli 2015 10:00 tot wo 15 juli 2015 17:00

Locatie Hotel Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Croatia
How do we apportion resources between kept and wild animals? How do we balance the welfare interests of one species against that of another? Modern veterinary science enables us to keep a high proportion of animals alive to old age (when we wish it), but these occupy niches that would otherwise have been filled by young replacements: but is fewer long-lived animals better than more short-lived ones? Little effort seems to have been made to address how such balances should be struck. It appears that it is time to try to decide how many of which animals we want and how to achieve that most humanely.