UFAW International Symposium 2017

This three day symposium aims at developing new ideas and promoting higher quality and better-focused animal welfare science.

Organisator UFAW

di 27 juni 2017 09:00 tot do 29 juni 2017 17:00

Locatie Royal Holloway, University of London, Surrey, UK


There seems to be a growing consensus that what matters to those animals that are presumed to experience feelings, and therefore what should matter most to those concerned about animal welfare, is how those animals feel. However, this raises difficult questions, some of which are fundamental to the development of animal welfare science as a rigorous scientific discipline and the assessment of animal welfare. For example:

  • Will we ever be able to demonstrate sentience?
  • Are the techniques that we have to study emotional state (affect) adequate?
  • How does time fit into the equation?
  • How important is positive welfare?
  • How robust is the data collected on animal welfare?


  • Deadline for submission of abstracts – 30th November 2016
  • Accommodation booking at Royal Holloway opens – 1st November 2016
  • Notification of decision of judging panel on submitted abstracts – by 1st February 2017
  • End of early registration fee – 1st March 2017
  • Deadline for receipt of amendments to accepted abstracts – 15th May 2017

The registration fee for the symposium is £450 (with a reduced rate of £395 available to delegates who register before 1st March 2017).