Xth Symposium on Poultry Welfare

The congress will bring a complete view on modern poultry welfare topics and preoccupations such as welfare and genetic, welfare of breeders, transport and slaughter.

Organisator French branch of WPSA and ISPAIA ZOOPOLE development

di 20 juni 2017 09:15 tot do 22 juni 2017 18:15

Locatie Ploufragan, Brittany, France

Researchers, GNO’s, academic and stakeholders will attempt the meeting bringing the event to high level of exchange and collaboration. Brittany is the first area of poultry rearing in France with a high diversity of productions. At the end of the symposium, the combined technical and social tour will give the opportunity to the participants to discover French poultry and touristic specificities in an informal way.


1 - Broiler breeders welfare and effect of early age experience on welfare
2 - Cognition : Another way to investigate welfare?
3 - Feather pecking origins and prevention
4 - Free papers
5 - New methods of on farm killing and of slaughter
6 - Welfare at depopulation and during transport
7 - New contributions of PLF for behavioural assessment
8 - On field Welfare Monitoring
9 - Poultry production sustainability and consumer perception

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