Plant-based protein transition

In the coming years, Future Food Utrecht intends to focus, among other topics, on the Plant-based protein transition. To generate interactions between scientists and stakeholders on this topic we will organize activities addressing various aspects related to the plant-based protein transition.

Organisator Universiteit Utrecht

vr 2 oktober 2020 10:00 tot 11:30

Locatie Online

During this online event, representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Safety will inform us about the preparation of the National Protein Plan, the Dutch response to the call from the EU to form a national strategy to promote self-sufficiency in vegetable protein production;

The Green Protein Alliance, a key player in the plant-based protein transition in the Netherlands, will share with us its vision and tell us more about ongoing projects in which the GPA is involved. We will also welcome Those Vegan Cowboys, frontrunners in the AgriFood sector trying to accelerate the protein transition.