Sustainable management of landscape, forest and food

Bijeenkomst ter gelegenheid van de inauguratie van Leyequién Abarca, Derk Jan Stobbelaar en Noël van Dooren

Organisator Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein

wo 17 mei 2017 13:30 tot 17:00

Locatie VHL Larensteinselaan 26a, 6882 CT Velp

Sustainability is highly valued at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences. That is why we are proud to invite you to the inauguration of three new professors who dedicate their professorship to aspects of sustainability.

Eurídice Leyequién Abarca, Management of Forested Landscapes, targets climate-smart versatile forested landscapes that improve rural livelihoods, maintain ecosystem services and create shared value. Derk Jan Stobbelaar, Sustainable Landscape Management, wants to contribute to strengthening the bond between nature and society, mainly by studying nature-based solutions. Noël van Dooren, Sustainable Foodscapes in Urban Regions, asks himself whether food production systems, if organised on the regional scale, can be more sustainable, and how this would then affect the regional landscape.

These professorships, together with four others on circular economy, fishery, river systems and soil, form the Delta Areas and Resources Applied Research Centre. Led by leading professor Toine Smits, the centre aims to develop practical solutions for a transition towards a circular economy.

In densely populated deltas, we need fundamental renewal in many ways. These three professorships engage in such renewal from the perspective of sustainable management of forested landscapes providing ecosystem services that make our life possible, enjoyable and productive; of what we eat and how that shapes our landscape; of citizens participating in the shaping of and caring for their surroundings.

This invitation is in English, signalling our effort towards internationalisation in both research and education. At the same time, we intensively co-operate with local partners in the Dutch delta. Therefore, Euridice Leyequien will speak in English and the other two will use Dutch. Combining these three inauguration speeches gives us the opportunity to show both the individual strength of each research programme and our commitment to exploring areas of shared interest. To frame this leading professor Toine Smits will briefly introduce the philosophy of the research group. We invited Arnold van der Valk, former professor of land use planning at Wageningen University, to position these three professorships in the larger field of land use, sustainability and applied research.