About Centre of Expertise Greenports

The Centre of Expertise Greenports is a partnership between the following universities of applied sciences: CAH Vilentum, HAS, Inholland, and VHL. The Centre was founded in response to demand for innovative products and applications from businesses operating in the Dutch Greenport regions. Knowledge development and diffusion are central to all Centre of Expertise activities with the purpose of reinvesting this knowledge in the education given by the participating institutions.


The institutions want to act as a catalyst for product and process innovation, practical research and knowledge development in the Dutch Greenports regions. The export of knowledge, products and sustainable production leads to a stronger Dutch (knowledge) economy.

Industry commitment

The Centre of Expertise Greenports helps businesses in the green industry to expand. Successful performance of the Centre’s activities requires financial commitment from the industry. The regional representatives are happy to explain how this would work for you.